Thursday, December 20, 2007

iCopyright Conductor 3.0

iCopyright launched 3.0 on December 15th. This release culminated a year of stellar innovations for the instant licensing service. 3.0 represents the most significant set of enhancements since the Conductor platform was introduced in September 2005. These are the highlights:

New User Interface: The new main licensing window organizes 24 individual iCopyright services into six top-level reuse categories based on what the user wants to do. The goal is to quickly allow users to self-select what they want to do with any one article, such as print it, e-mail it, post it, etc., then offer them several different options to meet their needs and budget.

Quality Quick Prints, for Delivery (beta): This new service is for users who do not have a printer, or who want their copies printed and shipped. There are no customizations in this service. This service augments the current “Photocopy Master File” service. It does not replace or compete with high quality custom reprints. This service may also appeal to publishers who do not want users to have a master file, but rather the exact number of copies they paid to have. Publishers can set minimum and maximum copies and per-page pricing. Quality Quick Print orders will be processed, fulfilled, and shipped by iCopyright directly.

Free Web Print: This is an exciting new service designed along the lines of iCopyright's ad-supported Free Print and Free E-mail permissions. Free Web Print allows users to post the article to a web site, intranet, social networking page or blog, for a limited time, with ads. This content will be hosted by iCopyright, just like the current Hosted Web Reprint service. As with Free Print and Free E-mail, users are given the option of buying a Hosted Web Reprint or Custom E-print, if they do not want ads or want to post the article for a longer period. The publisher's copyright notice, brand (logo) and links back to its publication web sites are all preserved. This is a great way to enable redistribution of one's content to other web sites, to attract new viewers, while monetizing the content on the poster’s website.

Best Practices Licensing Toolbar and Tags: The iCopyright toolbar has been enhanced to better engage users and to drive them directly to the publisher's revenue-producing services. iCopyright will be encouraging all publishers to deploy the updated toolbar.

E-mail Print Save Post Republish Photos More>

Educational and Non-Profit Pricing Clarification: If a publisher does not offer educational and/or non-profit pricing, the user will see a message that the pricing displayed is the only pricing available. This should minimize unqualified lead submissions. However, we do encourage all publishers to establish non-profit and educational pricing schedules.

Live Support: Users can chat with iCopyright’s customer services staff in real time during regular business hours weekdays about their licensing options and get assistance with registration and completing the order. During other hours, users may leave messages with our customer services team. All publishers will receive this added service for free. Publishers can also choose to have their own customer service teams handle live support for their publications.

Improved Samples: Samples of each service type will be available for users to view so that they have a better idea of how the services look and differ from one another. Users can “see” it before they license it.

Honor Copyright Footnote: Each licensing window includes a footnote to honor copyright. The footnote links to a page that explains why copyright is important and lists dos and don’ts, with additional links to relevant articles. We will expand this “honor copyright” campaign to educate users about piracy, fair use, infringement, and other copyright issues. The goal is to educate people and to appeal to their sense of fairness. The Honor Copyright page is located at

Congrats to the iCopyright team on an exceptional release. We expect this new technology will create more opportunities for publishers to monetize their content, while making it very easy for content users to obtain the permissions they want.

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