Wednesday, April 16, 2008

iCopyright Provides Article Tools for Associated Press and its Members

We are pleased to report that iCopyright has entered into a digital content copyright protection and permission agreement with The Associated Press, providing online users of AP content with a Web-based method to license and share AP stories and photos for a variety of commercial and educational uses. AP will display iCopyright links at the top and bottom of every AP-hosted story so users can easily use, share and license content instantly. AP will encourage members/subscribers to add the iCopyright tags to the AP stories they publish on their own websites. AP shares the advertsing, reprint and licensing revenue with the member.

Bruce Glover, AP Deputy Director of Business Development: "This online content reuse arrangement opens up a new source of revenue from rights, permissions and reprints of AP content while enhancing copyright protection and licensing. iCopyright makes it easier to monitor copyright compliance and to identify pirated and misappropriated stories."

We could not be more pleased and honored to be named the exclusive licensing agent for AP’s hosted content. Online users will be able to click the Email Print Post Save License links at the top of AP stories to easily use and share the stories, while respecting AP's copyrights. By encouraging all of its members to also add the iCopyright tags, AP is helping to set a standard that the entire digital content industry can emulate.

What does it mean to websites that publish AP stories and photos each day?

Toby Leith, Boston Globe Content Licensing Manager: "We are very pleased to be one of the first news organizations already using iCopyright services to leverage this exciting development. For years, our customers have sought to create reprints based on AP content but with the Globe's logos and masthead for local use. Now, through iCopyright, they have a variety of service options to do just that."

Jack Lail, Managing Editor/Multimedia for The Knoxville News Sentinel: “iCopyright is a hassle-free way of handling reprints. The customer gets instantaneous fulfillment. Everybody wins.”
If you have any questions about how this works or what it means to those who publish and read AP stories, please shoot us an email at

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