Wednesday, June 18, 2008

iCopyright "Excerpt" License

We recently received a number of inquiries regarding the excerpt license that is available on articles from publishers using iCopyright. Some bloggers in particular have the impression that iCopyright is trying to profit from selling excerpts that the bloggers believe should be covered under Fair Use. This is not the case! By way of background, the Excerpt License was developed at the request of users who wished to excerpt significant portions of an article for reprinting, posting and use in PowerPoint presentations. These users did not want to include parts of the article that mentioned their competitors, or were otherwise irrelevant for their purposes.

It is also important to note that iCopyright does not choose the services, the terms, or the prices of any of the licenses that its system processes for publishers. If publishers decide to offer an Excerpt License, they choose the terms and prices of that license. They own the content, not iCopyright. In the same way that PayPal has no control over the value or terms of an item that is purchased through its gateway, iCopyright has no control over the value and terms of a piece of content licensed through its gateway.

It is a fundamental principle of iCopyright to be agnostic with respect to the content our service is used on and the rules the owner has associated with the reuse of that content. iCopyright is a technology. It does not set copyright guidelines. It does not enforce copyright. It simply makes it possible for people to easily use and share content under the rules set up by the owners.

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