Friday, April 24, 2009

Associated Press Targets Internet Aggregators

Good story on NPR about AP's campaign to crack down on unauthorized uses of their content. Click on the "Listen Now" link to hear the interview with Jane Seagrave. She does an excellent job of articulating the problem and how AP is starting to address it, without being heavy-handed.

NPR does a nice job of providing historical perspective. The threats posed by content piracy were faced by AP and other major publishers with every technological advance -- the teletype, radio, television, etc. At each stage the problem was addressed and publishers continued to flourish. The same will happen with the current crisis. The Internet is the best thing (and worse thing) to happen to publishers since the press was invented. How they collectively deal with the current threat will determine their fortunes.

iCopyright has been working on this issue for the better part of 10 years. We are only surprised that it took this long for the problem to come to a head and for the major publishers to proactively step-up to address it.

Here we are!

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